10 Comic Book Characters That Deserve Their Own Major Video Game

There is massive potential for these comic book characters to have their own successful games.

Wonder Woman WB Games
DC Comics/WB Games

Over the years, we have seen some of the biggest comic book characters of all time get their own video games with varying levels of success. But recently games based on Batman and Spider-Man have taken the superhero gaming genre to a whole new level, with the Arkham series considered the greatest video game adaptation of Batman to date and Marvel’s Spider-Man becoming the best selling superhero game of all time.

Their success has not only led to more Batman and Spider-Man games, but has also opened the door to other superhero games, such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Iron Man VR and Marvel’s Avengers. So it looks like superhero games are starting to become a more regular occurrence and the fact they're all getting the AAA treatment should mean they all stand a decent chance of being just as great.

If this is to become the new norm, it is only natural to wonder about what other comic book characters could get their own games. Therefore, the following list will focus on some of the more promising candidates while also suggesting what studios must do in order to make the most of the each character's backstory, the world they live in and their abilities, if they were ever to make the transition to the gaming medium.

10. Aquaman

Wonder Woman WB Games
DC Comics

Despite being one of the world’s most recognisable superheroes, Aquaman’s powers have been perceived as quite feeble in comparison to other members of the Justice League and has resulted in him being the butt end of many jokes over the years. This led to DC trying to rebuild his image as a darker, more brooding character, who struggles to balance his responsibilities as a hero with his duties as King of Atlantis.

But thanks to the latest Aquaman film, the character has enjoyed a new surge in popularity, and it’s possible that a high quality video game starring the King of the Seven Seas could build on this new found popularity.

The game could see Aquaman square off against some of his arch enemies, such as his half-brother Orm, Black Manta and the terrorist group O.G.R.E while he tries to maintain peaceful relations between humanity and Atlanteans.

But it’s the gameplay that could offer a truly unique experience. Underwater sections could add an interesting level of verticality to level design while making the most of Aquaman’s ability to breathe underwater. This could also be used in combat, as players could fight a variety of enemies both on land and at sea.


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