10 Controversial Gaming Opinions You Should Keep To Yourself

Nintendo are just... alright.

Mario Overrated

When it comes to any form of entertainment media, opinions are always subjective. Whether it's movies, books, TV or video games, there are always a wide variety of different opinions. If you like something, then there it is guaranteed that you won't have to look far for someone who disagrees with you. And that's perfectly alright. No one has to love anything in particular.

But, when it comes to any form of entertainment, there are always some opinions that are generally met with the usual: "What? How can you not love/hate it? It's perfect! How dare you?"

Whilst every fandom has their rabid fanboys, more often than not there are franchises that are so beloved that they are often deemed untouchable. Questioning these gods of the gaming pantheon will earn you a one-way ticket to the internet's wrath.

It's not just beloved franchises either. Sometimes there are games that are so fervently abhorred, so despised in the eyes of gamers, that enjoying them renders you a heathen. Obviously, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when it comes to facing the anger of the internet, it's probably best to keep some of those more controversial opinions to yourself...

10. Sonic Has Never Been Good

Mario Overrated

Sonic fans always protest that Sonic was once a great series. Instalment after instalment pushed the legacy of Sonic through the dirt, to the extent that every new game is almost an inside joke. But, through all the Sonic 06s and the questionable creative decisions, Sonic fans still profess that the series will return to it's prime soon. But... Sonic never really had a prime, did it?

The first game was as good as it got, and even then it wasn't that great. The original levels were such a twisted and gnarled mess, making navigation a chore. The fun parts were speeding along at the speed of sound, but they were always undercut by slow, janky and imprecise platforming.

Running fast and having precise platforming don't belong in the same sentence. They don't work well with one another and that's a conclusion that's only exemplified by the poorer and poorer quality of each of the games.


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