10 Controversial Gaming Opinions You Should Keep To Yourself

9. Rockstar Make Bad Shooting Mechanics

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Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption and GTA V are carried on their stories and characters. People remember the exciting interactions and the colourful dialogue. Not that one time they had to go someplace and shoot some people. Or that other time that they had to go to a different place and shoot some slightly different people.

The shooting mechanics in these games are poor. All you do is point and shoot. Unless you turn off aim assist, there is little to no input required to clear a room. And if you do turn off aim assist, the game becomes unbelievably difficult because it wasn't designed to be played that way.

It doesn't help that all the missions in which you use the shooting mechanics are the same. It's just a constant bounce between different places and different shoot-outs, with each one lacking enough distinctive qualities to set them apart from one another.

That's not to say that the games are bad. Their stories are great, but the gameplay isn't nearly as refined.


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