10 Embarrassing Video Games Nobody Can Ever Catch You Playing

Some things just cannot be explained.

dead or alive xtreme 3
Koei Techmo

At one time a hobby just for geeks and nerds, the 90s saw a big crossover for video games, as titles like FIFA '94 and Pokémon Red & Blue helped break down the barriers between video game fanatics and more casual players.

Yet, as video game graphics become more realistic and game engines more capable of fulfilling any imagined fantasy, there will always be some barriers other people struggled to cross. Sure, some games might feature the occasional awkward sex scene or Freudian-inspired boss fight, but with a short click of the mute button or a skip scene, you're back inside your comfort zone should a parent wander in.

Unfortunately, there are some other games where the weird or unfamiliar is so persistent, you have no choice but to plan your game time. You can either wait until the house is empty before firing up the title, or you'll have to face the music should someone walk in.

Be it for flaunting a social taboo, the number of social hours it steals, or an utterly absurd concept, here are 10 embarrassing video games nobody can ever catch you playing.

10. Soulcalibur IV

dead or alive xtreme 3

Taking inspiration from it's competitor, Dead or Alive, Soulcalibur IV sought to spice up the typical beat 'em-up formula with a new feature. Rather than the tired Player 1 hits Player 2, Player 2 hits Player 1, first one to lose all their health loses, Soulcalibur IV decided destructive armour offered a greater element of realism.

This was a shock for series fans that bought the fourth entry without first doing any research. Probably just expecting updated graphics, combos, and maybe an additional character or 2, what they got instead was armour falling off their fighters halfway through battles.

Skilful gamers have probably never lost so many bouts as a result of desperately trying to shield their family members from the underwear-cloven women bouncing and shouting across the tele.

Despite all that, this feature clearly wasn't embarrassing enough as it made a return in Soulcalibur V.


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