10 Embarrassing Video Games Nobody Can Ever Catch You Playing

9. Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever is unique on this list as it's not only embarrassing for the players, but should be for the developers themselves.

From it's earliest iteration, Duke Nukem has been the playful yet massively sexist Doom rip-off. Titular, misogynist Duke takes on the familiar alien horde, but with the added distraction of scantily clad women, breast-baring strippers and cheesy one-liners that would get you a night in prison. The games have always been about stupid humour for players to not take seriously and just enjoy.

Unfortunately, Duke Nukem Forever saw the line it drew in previous games and decided to do a space hop over it, with all-too-blatant sex acts, pissing in poop-stained toilets, and slapping alien boobs until they squirt milk wildly around the room.

On their own, perhaps the player could bear them, but the sex jokes are so frequent within an otherwise buggy, under-developed game that took too long to complete, it's more embarrassing than entertaining.

Don't be fooled by the trailer. This is a title best left in the bargain bin where you found it.


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