10 Exact Moments Video Games Should Have Ended (But Didn't)

9. Arthur Dies - Red Dead Redemption 2

Last of us 2 ending

A possibly controversial pick here, but Red Dead Redemption 2 is a classic example of a lovingly crafted game that's perhaps a bit too in love with itself and just doesn't know when to end.

No matter your actions throughout the game, protagonist Arthur Morgan's story ends with his demise, and given that you've probably been playing for a minimum of 30 hours at this point, this is a fitting end for a beefy AAA Rockstar experience.

Except, it isn't the end. Not even close.

The game then shifts to eight years later as players are handed control of the previous game's protagonist, John Marston, for an over-egged multitude of missions ranging from boring farm chores to mildly engaging shootouts.

The epilogue takes 6-8 hours depending on your urgency, almost half the length of the previous game in fact. While a short epilogue that gave players more time with John could've been fun, this was just way, way too much.

Developers need to know when to kill their darlings, and John Marston's mini-campaign probably should've been released as fanciful DLC later down the line.


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