10 Fatal Issues That Could Kill Destiny 2

9. Power Level Is Redundant

Destiny 2 Raid

Meaningful character progression was never Destiny's strong suit, but somehow, the situation has worsened for Destiny 2. Power Level works in much the same way as the original game's Light Level - (running the gear treadmill provides incremental upgrades) but the kicker here is that there's no motivation to do so.

Currently, the Prestige Nightfall and Leviathan Raid require the highest values at 300 and 260 Power respectively, but beyond that, increasing the triple-digit figure further is pointless. The situation won't change when the Prestige Raid arrives, either - it'll have the same requirement as the Nightfall.

That just leaves PvP as the only outlet to make the grind potentially worth it by way of uncapped playlist options, i.e. Trials and Iron Banner. But oh, wait, both of those modes now put players on an even keel; a newly-born Guardian will have the same combat effectiveness as your pimped-out warrior of the Light.

Say no to arbitrary numbers!

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