10 Forgotten Horror Video Games That Will Scare You Senseless!

8. Nightmare Creatures

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Whereas most horror video games generate their scares by removing any sense of empowerment from the player in order to make vulnerability a theme that is front and centre, Nightmare Creatures does exactly the opposite, in that it makes you a demon slaying badass capable of cutting a zombie in two with nothing but a staff.

So how does this create moments of genuine shock and fear? By clever direction, art style, and by making every enemy capable of dealing massive damage to you. It's a game that says, "yes you probably could break a brick into tiny pieces just by looking at it, but if you mess up, my Lord you're going to be in a world of pain."

Playing this on the PS1 as a child was a truly horrific experience, as the draw distance, masked by fog on most levels, meant that you often couldn't see the terrors waiting to ambush you until it was too late. As the game progresses, it introduces ludicrous deathtraps and puzzles which mean you'll have to balance your combat powers with platforming, and seeing as every slip could mean an instant death, it was deliciously terrifying from start to finish.

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