10 Forgotten Horror Video Games That Will Scare You Senseless!

7. Koudelka

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Koudelka is a supremely strange title that originally was never going to be a horror game. The developer Sacnoth was actually set up by an Ex-Squaresoft composer Hiroki Kikuta, who wanted to make his own RPGs, but the company's corporate structure wouldn't allow him. So he started his own studio, where he took inspiration from runaway hit Resident Evil for his first major project.

Eventually Koudelka became a horror title with RPG trappings. When you think of Final Fantasy and Resident Evil mashing together, how could you NOT want to play this game?

Utilizing a rather brilliant battle mechanic which forces the player to move party members around a small area, Koudelka is a title that rewards tactical thinking, while also making you squirm as you push characters into stabbing range of some truly creepy enemies.

And trust me you'll need to get close and personal, as ranged ammunition is scarce, and thanks to a battle system that demands you keep pushing enemies back, you'll need a front line of defence against the horrors that reside within this terrifying area.

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