10 Games That Would Make Awesome Films

8. Fallout 3

Film and apocalypses are kind of in love with each other. You get to see the events in films like 2012 or The War of the Worlds. You get to see the aftermath too in Mad Max 2 and The Road. What would be awesome about a Fallout 3 movie would be following a character who was born in a bunker. Never knew about the world outside until one day she/he is reborn into the waste, emerging from an iron womb into a hostile environment. From their you get everything from crazy bandits to huge mutants and everything in between. Personally I'd play it as an action horror so you represent the fact that when you play Fallout 3, you kick serious ass, but also this one scary f***** of a place. Like most post-apocalyptic fare this would likely turn into a kind of neo-western but I'm happy with that! I would have Sam Raimi direct this bad boy, as he is known for balancing style and substance (no really, look past The Evil Dead). Raimi would add his twisted sense of humour as well, which would help us swallow such a depressing world. For a star, well I'd lead with a woman and I can think of none better than Zoe Saldana.

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