10 Gaming Plot Twists That Blew Our Minds

2. The World Is An MMORPG - Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkf2cVLPOoU With Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Square Enix delivered another outstanding JRPG that was bursting with intelligent ideas far exceeding the general grasp of their Final Fantasy games. It boasts one of the smartest and most thought-provoking twists of any game to this point, and as a result has become labelled as one of the very first "meta" video games. Essentially, once you end up travelling to a higher dimension, you discover that the enemies who have been coming to attack you are, in fact, computer programs who have been dispatched viruses who are, in fact, you. Yes, you're not only a virus, but you exist within what is essentially an MMORPG, making this one of the very first games within a game. It's a clever statement on the very nature of gaming and the characters within it, even if some players naturally felt a bit cheated, that they had been playing as lines of code this whole time, and there's a definite irony about that.
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