10 Greatest Ever Superhero Fighting Games

7. X-Men Vs. Street Fighter

XMen Children Of The Atom

Released in arcades in 1996, and ported to the Sega Saturn in '97 and Sony PlayStation in '98, X-Men Vs. Street Fighter is the first instalment of the popular Marvel Vs. Capcom franchise, but was actually the third Capcom fighting title to feature Marvel Comics (more on that later...)

As would reasonably be expected, the game looks and plays like Street Fighter, albeit with a few additions and changes; the most notable difference being the inclusion of the tag-team system.

This mechanic sees each payer select two characters at the beginning of the match, as opposed to the usual one, and these characters can be swapped between at any point during the fight. This introduces a more tactical element to the fights, as the character being swapped out recovers a certain amount of health whilst on the sidelines, allowing players to manage their fighters more effectively.

Once a character is knocked out, their partner automatically jumps into the fray, regardless of their current health, and the match ends when both of the opposition characters have been defeated (obviously...).

Whilst the Saturn version remained true to the arcade experience, the PlayStation version was a more stripped back affair, with several features sadly removed.

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