10 Hotly-Anticipated 2016 Video Games You Should Be Worried About

7. Homefront: The Revolution

You can say what you want about Homefront: The Revolution, but it's a fighter. Starting out development at Crytek UK to be published by the now-defunct THQ, the creation of the game was going pretty well until the parent company went bust. Fortunately for us, the IP was bought outright by Crytek, who would go on to continue development with new publisher Deep Silver. However, following in the footsteps of THQ, Crytek became the second company working on the game to face financial difficulty, with the development of the new title being postponed until the studio could figure out its money woes. This meant selling the rights to the game to Deep Silver's parent company Koch Media, who drafted a new developer to work on the title, Dambuster Studios, transferring all former Crytek UK staff to the new headquarters. Aiming for a release this May after all those set-backs is an absolute miracle for a game that's hit so many roadblocks, but while the title still has a fighting chance at being good, its haphazard development means you should probably be a little cautious once that release date finally rolls around.
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