10 Hotly-Anticipated 2016 Video Games You Should Be Worried About

6. Hitman

I can't be the only one thoroughly confused about the new Hitman reboot...soft-reboot... sequel... thing, right? Between the constant changes to the game's release model, the publisher cancelling pre-orders at the last minute and not knowing if the game is going to be download-only or a fully-fledged, boxed triple A release, I have absolutely no idea what's going on with Square Enix's flagship stealth franchise. In a recent video, games journalist and online personality Jim Sterling reported that Hitman was one of the many Square Enix titles in development to be hit by a series of internal business changes. Allegedly, the publisher thought that episodic games and games-as-services were going to dominate the latest generation - which the likes of Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3 have obviously proven wrong. As a result, a series of changes have been made, which is why the release schedule has swayed from a full boxed release to an episodic one, and most recently back to a beta to test what code they've still got in one piece. When all is said and done, this indecisiveness can't bode well for the finished product - and honestly, the beta was pretty telling.
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