10 Hotly-Anticipated 2016 Video Games You Should Be Worried About

5. Final Fantasy XV

Even coming from someone who isn't necessarily a Final Fantasy fan, I am without a doubt 100% certain that Final Fantasy XV is going to be a good game - but it certainly won't be the great game that the 10 years of development time and awe of hype around it points to. For one, Square Enix's Japanese developers seem to be suffering a complete communication breakdown. You've probably heard the stories; from the lead developer of the Final Fantasy VII remake not even knowing he was working on the game until his name popped up on the announcement trailer, to the constant reshuffling of priorities between the franchise and the latest Kingdom Hearts - Square's behind the scenes shenanigans don't exactly point to a prosperous and creatively flourishing environment. So when all is said and done, this cross-studio confusion couldn't have left Final Fantasy XV unscathed. While the game looks beautiful and the team is clearly listening to fan feedback as it edges closer and closer towards release, the behind the scenes meddling should be enough of a warning to temper your expectations considerably.
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