10 Insane Gaming Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

9. The Real Reason Aeris Dies €“ Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is widely considered as one of the greatest video games ever made €“ if not the absolute greatest €“ and I€™m not here to debate that. One of its most emotionally powerful and iconic scenes still makes waves in gaming today, and I'm here to to discuss it. You can€™t help but feel a sense of pain and devastation when Sephiroth €“ out of nowhere €“ falls from the ceiling and plunges his ridiculously long sword into the body of the poor innocent flower girl.

Similar to the aforementioned hunt for Luigi, gamers went into a frenzy looking for a solution to revive Aeris. It wasn€™t meant to be though, and more interestingly Hironobu Sakaguchi wanted this reaction. His mother had passed away during the production of Final Fantasy VI, which greatly depressed him. This iconic death scene has been documented as his way of allowing others to understand and share his suffering.

Sometimes when you let life express your art, the results are timeless.

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