10 Insanely Difficult PS4 Trophies That Weren't Worth The Effort

8. Alien: Isolation - One Shot

Bloodborne chalice dungeons

Alien: Isolation is a fantastic game, make no bones about it. A masterpiece that encapsulates the look, feel and tone of the first film down to a tee, it should be played through at least once by everyone. Well, everyone old enough to play it, obviously.

Which is why it pains me to say: don't attempt the One Shot trophy.

It's an exercise in frustration, and I've got one word as to why: facehuggers.

As the trophy name suggests, you have to finish the game without dying. Which, when it comes to the Working Joes or the Xenomorph, you can scum save (read: quickly pause and load a save) before they nab you. This stops the game logging a death, essentially.

Whereas facehuggers catch you unawares, which doesn't give you time to pause and exit quick enough. Once that hugger bugger is latched, your run is done.

Even if you think you've been quick enough when you hear the screech, there's no counter to say whether you've voided the trophy or not.

It may be a gold, but it's just not worth the stress of trying.


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