10 MORE Best Pokémon You Never Bothered Catching

The best Pokémon for the 8th Generation that you never considered using in battle.


A while ago, we did a list of the 10 Best Pokémon You've Never Bothered Catching. A long time has passed since then, with a whole new generation of Pokémon to discover, and in some cases, completely ignore. You can't forget that famous marketing slogan "Gotta catch 'em all" - after all it made Pokémon a worldwide phenomenon that has sold millions of copies after nearly 25 years.

But you have to ask yourself: When looking over so many different creatures, are you really getting the most out of what's on offer?

Chances are there are scores of unused Pokémon languishing inside your PC while players just pick out their favourites. Even when you begin to play competitively, there are some Pokémon that sit on the bench.

So the next time you compile your team with heavy hitting attackers, defensive walls, and support Pokémon, how about considering letting one of these 10 outside for a bit of fresh air?

They have a lot to offer and may become the linchpin of your new team.

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