10 More Pointless Video Game Details That Will Blow Your Mind

9. Escape From Tarkov's Real-Life Weather

Battlestate Games

While the long-in-development Escape from Tarkov isn't the biggest game around, it has gained a following for being an impressive loot-gathering sim. Currently still in closed alpha, the shooter takes place in the fictional Tarkov in North-West Russia, tasking players with - who'd have guessed it - escaping the city in realtime by scrounging the best loot and gear and surviving the harsh conditions set against them.

However, one of the ways the developers keep the game feeling so lifelike and realistic is basing each day's weather patterns on the conditions they're actually working in.

Consequently, the forecasts of where the developers are working in St. Petersburg are usually the basis of what players have to deal with when booting up the game. Spoilers, but it's usually lots and lots of overcast and drizzle.

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