10 Most Beloved Supporting Characters In The Legend Of Zelda

7. Sidon

Midna Twilight Princess

Widely acknowledged as the most popular supporting character in Breath of the Wild, the Zora prince Sidon not only gifts Link with electrical powers to help take down the Divine Beast Vah Ruta but he also defends the hero when he is accused by a Zora elder for causing the death of the Zora Champion: Mipha.

Despite the fact that Sidon lost his sister Mipha during the events of the Great Calamity some 100 years prior to the main story of Breath of the Wild, he bravely offers to aid Link in his quest to take down Vah Ruta and one of the coolest battles in the game ensues.

Link rides on Sidon's back as the Zora prince swims around the Divine Beast and the gameplay is just awesome - the game overall is brilliant but there are just some moments worth picking out as exceptional.

Sidon's character comes across as confident and nothing seems to faze him, at first, but once Mipha's spirit is freed from imprisonment within Vah Ruta he shows just how much he misses his beloved sister. If Link approaches Mipha's statue at night, a cutscene will show that even Sidon has moments of weakness.

Fingers crossed we might see Sidon once again in the forthcoming sequel to Breath of the Wild.


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