10 Most Bizarre Multiplayer Maps In Video Games

8. Ruins – Call Of Duty: Ghosts

tekken fiesta del tomate

Call of Duty: Ghosts is a p*ss-poor shooter from a watered down series that's overstayed its welcome, but at least they were trying to be a bit more imaginative with the multiplayer map settings (rather than anything else around it).

As part of the Devastation DLC – the name likely referring to the feeling that the game left in players' stomachs - Ruins added a few unlikely changes to things.

You can use Mother Nature as a deadly weapon by completing a Field Order special assignment to erupt the rumbling volcano nearby. The map will start to rain with rocks, killing any poor soul unlucky enough to stumble into the relentless barrage.

Even more so, the Predator is a playable character, available through another Field Order. Equipped with all the fancy alien gear from the movie, you'll have people screaming in high-pitched voices “Get to da choppah!” at the mere sight of you in no time.

Don't be surprised if this irritates you to the point of disconnecting mid-game.

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