10 Most Bizarre Multiplayer Maps In Video Games

7. North Pole – Twisted Metal III

tekken fiesta del tomate

Out of all the entries in the beloved vehicular combat/destruction derby series Twisted Metal, the third game is considered to be one of the worst.

With its shoddy cutscenes, uninspired endings, horrifying drivers and handful of predominantly-boring maps, it's hardly what you'd consider an improvement over the previous game. That's what happens when a shift between developers takes place.

While the Twisted Metal tournament is known to take place across different areas across the world (and on rare occasions, in various time zones), one of the strangest of the bunch is set in the North Pole.

Surrounded by an empty moat and a bit of snowy mountains, smack bang in the middle of the carnage is Santa's workshop. Smash it open and get treated to some powerful goodies, more than your average “missile-toe.”

In fact, even the lumps of ice and snowmen are stashed with explosives. Is Father Christmas planning on attacking the naughtiest people in the world? Who can say?

Design-wise, it's not necessarily a bad level, just not a very inspired one; the Xmas theme was just something totally unpredictable for a game like this.

On the plus side, it comes with the ultimate present: a fantastic Jingle Bells-themed remix of White Zombie's 'More Human Than Human.' Nice.

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