10 Most Hated Mobile Games From Great Video Game Franchises

8. Forza Street

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Xbox Game Studios

The Forza series has had its ups and downs since hitting the scene in 2005, being established to rival the quality of PlayStation exclusive Gran Turismo as the premium racing simulation experience on the Xbox range.

Unfortunately, 2020’s Forza Street release for mobile did not follow the well-established recipe, moving away from their ForzaTech engine developed with the series, instead using an adapted version of an Unreal engine. The result was a disappointing racer that did not fit with the gameplay quality across the major Forza releases, with one Forbes writer describing it as a “stain” on the name of the series.

Frankly, there aren't many who would be willing to call that an unfair assessment, Street remains the most recent Forza game, with Forza Motorsport announced as the first upcoming title for the Xbox Series X/S. Fans will be hoping this is more in the vein of the recent successes in main series games, rather than this mobile misstep.

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