10 Most Underrated Romances In Video Games

9. Jude And Milla €“ Tales Of Xillia

Most people have probably never heard of these two, which makes sense, considering the Tales series has never quite found its foot in the west like its contemporaries. Every Tales game follows a similar formula; a young man meets a mysterious young woman who pulls him out of his mundane life and into an epic adventure that usually ends up with copious dimension-hopping and the killing of some kind of deity. Tales of Xillia is no exception. Unlike others entries in the series however, the player gets both sides of the story, playing through the narrative from both the hero and the heroines point of view in a way that compliments both the overarching story, and the two€™s relationship to each other. Jude is a medical student unsure of what he wants, or what he believes, though he has a deep understanding of people, and cares deeply about those close to him. Millia is a deity, sent to Earth to save it from spiritual armageddon. She has unquenchable resolve, and is determined to fulfill her mission no matter the cost, but is cold, and doesn€™t understand the hearts of humans. The two of them ultimately learn from each other, growing into better people by getting to know one another, and somehow, it€™s made even better by the fact that despite falling in love, they don€™t get together, electing to prioritise their duty to the world. The Tales games have rarely seen characterful writing as good as this.
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