10 Most Unique Mystery Video Games Ever

10. Deadly Premonition


Holding a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most "critically polarizing survival horror game," Access Games' Deadly Premonition truly lives up to its reputation.

Solving the mystery behind the death of an eighteen year old girl is the job assigned to Francis York Morgan, but you can call him 'York.'

Known as a talented FBI agent, York's strange behaviors and eccentric personality are what cements him as a truly endearing protagonist in the midst of this horror filled mystery.

Explore the fictional town of Greenvale, Washington in search of the girl, and come into contact with your normal, everyday supernatural beings living in the fog. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

Unfortunately, there's not too much else in the way of a synopsis for Deadly Premonition. It's a game that you will either love or hate, which is exactly why you should play it. Even if you end up disliking it, it's York's incredibly bizarre and unique journey that makes the game so memorable. Just be warned: you might not look at a tree in the same way ever again.

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