10 Most Unique Mystery Video Games Ever

9. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

LA Noire

Here you are, a crumpled mess laying in the filth of the city dump. You must have had a bad day. Wait a minute...oh. You're dead. Hm, that's just terribly inconvenient, isn't it? Well, you can't just...float there all night. You need to find out what happened. How did you end up here? Who did this? And why can't you remember?

It's going to be a long night.

Written and directed by Ace Attorney's own Shu Takumi, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is one of the most aesthetically pleasing mystery games ever released.

Developed by Capcom, you play as Sissel, a ghost trying to figure out how he ended up dead. Armed with supernatural abilities the game describes as "ghost tricks," you only have one night to discover the events of the previous hours.

Praised for its beautifully rendered animation and extremely catchy original soundtrack, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective puts a very different spin on how to go about solving mysteries. It's a brightly colored, gorgeously animated, underrated puzzle game that more people really should know about.

If you love Ace Attorney and want something slightly different and very unique, Ghost Trick is the game for you.

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