10 Opening Bosses That Totally Ruined Video Games

9. Your Own Hand-Eye Co-Ordination - Driver

Driver game 1999

Yes, hello there, my name is Mr Reflections Interactive (you can call me Flec) and welcome to my new game Driver! You're about to embark on an adventure full of motorised danger in multiple sexy locales but, quick thing, just before you get started I'm going to ask that you pull up in this dark, dingy parking garage and execute a number of vaguely worded and Very Complex driving maneuvers!

No, sorry, alas I cannot tell you how to do any of these or even promise you they'll be needed at any point in the actual game itself, but sadly I'm just not willing you let you out of this level until you've proven to me that you've mastered them all. Yes, yes, I know you've had the controller in your hand a grand total of five seconds and merely going forward and backwards is a bit tricky, but please, this is your home now. You live in this 6x4 hell with me and me alone.

Think of it this way, your great enemy here, your First Boss if you will, is yourself. It's your own capacity to decipher the meanings behind these tasks I have set you, and your own thumb's ability to quickly master them. Why no, you're right, this is absolutely nothing like the rest of the game you bought and, if anything, over prepares you for the full experience but... no... wait... where are you going?

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