10 Overpowered Video Game Exploits You Can Use In The First HOUR

For those who want to get strong fast.

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The point of using exploits in video games is to make you feel stronger, but usually exploits take time. The glitch or mechanic you’re abusing needs some things to be set up first, or it could yield a significant benefit over time.

Luckily, not every glitch requires this kind of setup and dedication. A good number of them can be activated right off the bat, and better yet, they allow you to ascend right to the top of the game’s power level even as soon as in the first hour of a run.

If you’re already willing to exploit and cheat to have fun with a game, you probably don’t want to put in any extra work. You just want to get the most out of the experience with the least amount of commitment. That’s exactly what these exploits are for.

If you ever feel like your game needs a little extra kick to start things off properly, be sure to check them out. They’ll turn you into an overpowered god even before you manage to step out of the tutorial.

10. Instant Knockouts - Punch-Out!!

baldurs gate 3

The boxing world of Punch-Out! is nothing like its real-life counterpart. Little Mac's roster of oppenents is full of zany characters that put horseshoes in their gloves, drink soda as stimulants, and use actual magic to gain the upper hand on the ring.

That's why you shouldn't feel bad about learning a couple exploits. If they can cheat, so can you!

One of the best mechanics you can learn in Punch-Out! are the instant KOs that allow you to automatically win against your opponent. They're the easiest way to progress through the game, but unfortunately, learning how to perform them is quite tricky as each character has a different prompt to indicate the perfect time to strike.

This said, you technically don't have to learn any prompts; you just need to know where to look.

Back in 2016, one Punch-Out! player discovered that whenever Little Mac has an opportunity to perform an instant knockout, a bearded member of the audience behind the ring ducks.

All you have to do is watch for his reaction, and you'll know exactly when to strike to get an instant KO. You don't need to study any attack patterns, just one pixelated guy.


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