10 PlayStation Problems Sony Want You To Forget

10. Everything About The PS3's Sixaxis Controller


It's safe to say that in 2006, the PS3 belly-flopped and face-planted upon release. There were a host of issues with the nascent console, with one of the most overlooked being the Sixaxis controller, plus all its utilisation gimmicks.

Sony chose to remove force feedback and jam motion-sensing technology in their controllers in an attempt to mimic the success of the Wii. At the time of the console's debut, Sony found themselves embroiled in a lawsuit with the creators of the feedback technology.

As such, they made the rash decision to do away with force feedback. The arrogance of Sony rose up as they claimed that they had done this for the fans, and that no one wanted force feedback anyway.

After the initial buzz died down, gamers realised how wonky and poorly integrated the motion controls were. Few, if any, developers really ran with the new technology and games that did make use of it felt like perfunctory responses to a Sony mandate.

After their lawsuit was settled, Sony did away with Sixaxis tech and went back to the DualShock, giving up on this "innovation" and sweeping it under the carpet - a common theme, to be honest.

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