10 PlayStation Problems Sony Want You To Forget

9. That $600 PS3 Price Point

PS3 Price

The debut of the PS3 became the blueprint for how not to release a new console.

Alongside the aforementioned Sixaxis blunder, Sony decided to whack on a stonking $599 price tag to the PlayStation 3.

That's an absurd price point for a device competing in the entertainment sector. Many Sony loyalists were put off by the sheer absurdity of it, and others found themselves financially unable to support and play their favourite games, all thanks to Sony.

However, this was not pure arrogance or greed, but rather a business motivated move:

Sony would have lost millions on the console if they did not price it this high. Due to the immense R&D costs, as well as fancy new hardware in the new console, Sony had to raise the price, just to break even.

Still, it was Sony's E3 presentation that really left a bad taste in gamers' mouths.

They strutted with their chests puffed out, proudly proclaiming some gamers will "work more hours" to afford the console. This was compounded by a lacklustre launch line up that had no real must-haves, and cheaper alternatives already available on the market.

Consequently, those who had stumped up over half a grand for the console found it collecting dust after only a few months post-release.

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