10 Problems With Destiny 2 Nobody Wants To Admit

9. Guided Games Are Also Poorly Implemented

Destiny 2 Guided Games Ticket

Another chunk of endgame rewards comes from being told to run the Nightfall Strike or the Leviathan raid. Both promise you "Powerful Gear" for surviving (the only thing that's worthwhile after level 20/Power 265), but have insanely hard difficulties, being nigh-on impossible solo, or even with a group most of the time.

The solution? Working with friends, or 'Guided Games' - a system where you can volunteer to help 'guide' a solo player or other team through these unbelievably hard, multi-hour experiences. Simply pick the option and know you're doing the Lord's work - helping those poor, useless players through what's supposed to be the best content in the game.

So far so good, right? Wrong. There's no reward for helping anybody out. Nothing.

From a helpers perspective you're not getting anything in return for spending hours playing with people who are demonstrably worse than your regular clan mates, and on the searcher side, most of the time someone will disconnect, get fed up and leave or not communicate properly.

This entire system is also predicated on 'Tickets', which if you don't have, means you can't even try a Guided Game at all. The combination of all these elements means joining a Guided Game has a 20 minute wait, and the end result is the complete opposite of the "You did it, champ!" back-patting Bungie initially discussed.

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