10 Problems With Destiny 2 Nobody Wants To Admit

8. No New Enemy Types

Destiny 2

Save for a handful of new animations, these are the same sets of enemies you were facing in Destiny 1. Make that double for the 'Taken', who resemble a reskinned combination of various other races blended into one. And not even a good reskin either - an oily black overcoat given to NPCs we've already blown away thousands of times before.

The simple fact of the matter is: If you're going to release something and call it 'Destiny 2', there should be a fresh sequel's worth of content, and being we're going to be shooting a LOT across the game, give us some fresh targets.

Everything from targeting Vex chest-lights to watching Cabal's heads pop like champagne corks is beat for beat the exact same.

Yes, Halo got by on a steady stream of Elites, Grunts, Hunters etc., but we did get the likes of Brutes and Prometheans over time. All of which is besides the point: Fighting different enemies in Halo required specific takedown methods and facing different types at once was a real challenge - in Destiny you just shoot everything.

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