10 Profitable 2017 Video Games That Prove Single Player Isn’t Dead

5. Nioh

nioh william
Team Ninja

Est. Sales So Far: $60 million

"Samurai Souls" it may have been quickly labelled, but Team Ninja's immaculate hack n' slasher is actually BETTER than the last two Dark Souls games. There, I said it.

Regardless, this abject quality translated into substantial sales for the developer and publisher, making Nioh "the most successful game Koei have ever published in the West" - that means more sales than Ninja Gaiden, more than Dead or Alive, more than Dynasty Warriors. No small feat.

Gameplay-wise, Nioh is the culmination of everything Team Ninja's third-person action/fighting games have taught the studio from across the last two decades. It plays perfectly, an at-times razor-sharp difficulty curve that never feels insurmountable, contrasted against open worlds you'll slowly get through by ranking up and slicing through one enemy at a time.

Put it this way: Game of the Year 2017 is going to have a rotation of a good 5 titles no matter which outlet you read, and Nioh might just take the top spot.

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