10 Profitable 2017 Video Games That Prove Single Player Isn’t Dead

4. Uncharted Lost Legacy

Uncharted lost legacy
Naughty Dog

Est. Sales So Far: $31.2 million

Now it stands to reason that an Uncharted budget would be something stratospheric, but Lost Legacy was made off the back of Uncharted 4 - having the benefit of reusing that game's engine and - assumedly - asset generation.

Hands-down it's the best Uncharted since part two, thanks to reducing the runtime and compacting all the major set-piece beats into a much more punchier pace, but then you have Chloe and Nadine, who are a perfect pair for a random archaeological adventure.

With Chloe the brains and Nadine the brawn, this expands into the latter being initially hesitant to enjoy taking in the sights, electing instead to "Just get this done". It provides a solid friendship arc that really pays off as the story progresses - honestly, Lost Legacy is everything Uncharted needs to be: Action-packed, stunning, well written and supremely memorable.

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