10 Profitable 2017 Video Games That Prove Single Player Isn’t Dead

3. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 Gun

Est. Sales So Far: $500 million

Everyone loves a good survival horror - though if that is the case, you'll support The Evil Within 2, that game is dying - as Resident Evil's perspective-shift to first-person proved to be something the masses have lapped up.

As of May, Capcom had netted 10 million units shipped - a staggeringly impressive total that makes RE7 one of the most profitable titles of the year.

Overall it's quite a short affair, but one that feels perfectly paced. What starts as a hunt for your missing wife turns into a frantic struggle for survival, before some extremely satisfying table-turning comes when you get your hands on heftier firepower. Resident Evil has always prided itself on the kick of its shotgun, and it feels even more gut-busting in first-person.

If it wasn't for a final boss that resorts to the age-old Resi trope of "it's just a big piece of pulped flesh with a face", RE7 would be a masterpiece. Though to some, it already is.

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