10 Real Video Game Leaks Everyone Thought Were Fake

8. Nintendo Switch's Complete Launch Lineup & Upcoming Releases

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The Switch has been a massive success for Nintendo, and the console's life cycle got off to a strong start thanks to a fantastic reveal event in January 2017.

Aside from divulging plenty of new details about the system itself, this event also gave fans a clear picture of the games that would be available for it. But for those who kept one eye on their news feeds in the hours leading up to the start of the event, this information might have already been spoiled for them.

This is because a leaker - one who claimed to be setting up the physical stands at the event - posted the console's full game lineup to 4chan less than a day before it was officially unveiled.

Naturally, many people didn't believe this leak one bit. Not only had we never heard of several of the games that were mentioned, but the whole thing came across like a cheap way to take advantage of the Switch's hype.

In a memorable tweet, industry reporter Patrick Klepek even chastised the sites that reported on the leak, calling their stories "exploitative bulls**t."

That comment didn't age particularly well, because, hours later, the event finally happened - confirming that the leaked game lineup was accurate.

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