10 Skill Upgrades That BROKE Video Games

8. Throw - Mass Effect

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'Throw' has been a biotic ability present in the Mass Effect series ever since the very first entry in the series, and still remains one of the most overpowered upgrades available in the game.

The Adept, Sentinel, Vanguard, Asari Scientist, and Krogan Battlemaster all have access to the Throw talent, and its overpowered nature can be seen right from the beginning of the game. The skill is undoubtedly a broken tool for players to 'crowd manage' oncoming enemies, with Throw allowing players to launch opponents back whilst also inflicting heavy damage.

The Throw skill can also knock enemies off ledges and against destructible objects around the environment, causing even more damage for very little work. Moveable objects are also fair game with Throw, with enemy shields not absorbing the damage of an object being thrown at them, and there's even the option of destroying frozen enemies straight-up launching them after they're effected.

With certain builds and squadmates behind a player, Throw can be one of the most destructive skill upgrades in all of Mass Effect. For very little investment, you can manipulate your surroundings and wipe out hordes of enemies, with Throw providing some of the most chaotic sequences possible in Mass Effect.


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