10 Terrible Levels That Haunt Otherwise Perfect Video Games

9. Tank Battles & Riddler Challenges - Batman: Arkham Knight

Riddler Race Arkham Knight

When Batman: Arkham Asylum arrived it revolutionised super hero games. Then, when Arkham City followed as a sequel and did all the same things over again, that was perfectly fine. Arkham City was a great "If it ain't broke" example and in simply making the adventure bigger its developers did everything they could with it.

Recently, however, 'good enough' hasn't been deemed good enough. After the relative disappointment of Arkham Origins, Rocksteady had to step back in and re-right the ship. They attempted this by giving us a compelling new story centred around Scarecrow and the mysterious Arkham Knight, padding it out with all the great combat and gadgets of the first two.

Sadly, what they also did was add Batmobile sections to the mix and created a surprising failure. Batmobile stages consist of either infuriating races set by Riddler or pointless, plodding tank battles against Arkham Knight's drones. It's fun to blow these up for about thirty seconds, but the novelty wears off almost immediately. This turns out to be a huge shame, because the Batmobile is almost everywhere in this game.


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