10 Terrible Moments From The Best Video Games

8. Fighting Sauron In The Lord Of The Rings: The Third Age

God of War Kratos Nifleheim

The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age had much in common with Final Fantasy games from the same generation.

It deviated from live-action combat and favoured a turn-based one. The player gathered a party of their own and concurrently followed the narrative of the books/films while still plodding along making progress on an original adventure.

While much of it was enjoyable - such as exploring the mines of Moria - the last hurdles were a terrible experience.

The final fight with Sauron was lacklustre and highlighted several issues with an otherwise amazing game. Many of the earlier boss encounters suffered from similar issues but even the likes of the Balrog felt more grounded and less farcical.

The entire battle was awkward, disjointed and far from believable. The player and their hand-picked companions would take it in turns to frantically assault a giant floating eye in the sky.

It was comical but ultimately tarnishes any sense of climax because it feels contrived and shoe-horned in for the sake of including a well-known villain to create a false sense of accomplishment upon beating them.

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