10 Things No One Wants To Admit About Red Dead Redemption 2

5. Combat Feels Clumsy & Outdated

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar's ever-divisive combat mechanics strike again, serving as a weirdly under-developed and clumsy aspect in a mostly superbly-engineered game.

RDR2's gunplay in particular feels floaty and unresponsive for the most part, and while some might argue that this is an active attempt to convey the clunkiness of period weaponry, the fact it was also a problem in GTA V completely rubbishes that theory.

Thankfully there is ultra-accurate snap-aim and the brilliant Dead Eye mechanic to make shooting less irksome, but compared to so many other third-person shooters on the market, it feels woefully outdated and sorely in need of refinement.

When games like Metal Gear Solid V can deliver such flawlessly slick gunplay and cover mechanics, why does RDR2 boast all the fumbling finesse of an early PS3 game? Fistfights aren't much better, though at least they're relatively infrequent and over with quickly.

Some may appreciate the weightiness of the shooting, but this is certainly an area where Rockstar desperately needs to innovate for future titles.


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