10 Things No One Wants To Admit About Red Dead Redemption 2

4. There's Too Much Micromanagement

Red Dead Redemption 2

Though the game's open world should be commended for not inundating the player with excessive map icons and repetitive, recycled time-waster tasks, some of the attribute-management mechanics do feel rather unnecessary and arbitrary.

Do we really need a core for our stamina, health and Dead Eye meters in addition to the actual meters themselves?

It's a totally pointless layering-on of more dispassionate micro-management, and though consumables are plentiful throughout the game, it's still an extra step that brings no joy whatsoever. The fact that this is also the case with your horse makes it even more irritating.

It's thankfully still miles away from San Andreas' infuriatingly excessive obsession with eating and working out, but the game already has enough for players to do and consider without these totally hollow and decidedly "game-y" mechanics.

There will be those players who love the nagging requirements to oil your gun and brush your horse, but for many, they just feel like busy-work of the most tedious kind.


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