10 Things No One Wants To Admit About Red Dead Redemption 2

3. It's Not Challenging

Red dead redemption 2

The harshness of the game's wanted system aside, RDR2 continues the more recent Rockstar tradition of offering precious little in terms of difficulty or challenge.

After the earlier GTA games were at-times infuriatingly, even unfairly difficult - San Andreas' infamous "Supply Lines" mission, anyone? - their more recent titles have basically swung entirely the other way.

Throughout RDR2's story, you'll probably end up with a few jank-induced game over screens and maybe a death or two, but at this point you pretty much know what you're getting, and thanks to the snap-aim, taking down enemies is always laughably easy.

In fairness, you can turn off snap-aiming to make things a little tougher, but even then, the game presents little that will require multiple attempts, and overall it's just a little too easy to sail through.

Yes, there are more dangerous legendary animals to tackle and you can argue that Rockstar's games are more about the atmosphere and the experience than a Dark Souls-esque level of challenge, but even so, it would've been nice to see the push-back dialled-up somewhat.


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