10 Things We Want To See From Yukes' Alternative WWE 2K Game

10. No Commentary

Spike Chunsoft

The sub-heading doesn't lie, and neither does the pic attached to this entry. Spike Chunsoft's excellent Fire Pro Wrestling World has a rocking soundtrack playing over every match. It's admittedly a bit repetitive after a few hours, but it's way better than hearing Michael Cole, Corey Graves or Byron Saxton call Braun Strowman "she".

That happens too often in 2K's series.

Fire Pro doesn't have commentary, and it's a better game for it. Announcing, which has been a problem in wrestling video games since it was first tacked on to give the presentation a TV feel, is useless in WWE's titles. If Yukes are clever, they'll head to the audio section of their code sheets and delete it forever.

In Fire Pro, the jamming J-Rock beats and soaring power metal riffs combine to enhance the end portion of a match. That atmosphere is lost when Cole continually repeats the same line about Seth Rollins once turning on his Shield buddies.


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