10 Things We Want To See From Yukes' Alternative WWE 2K Game

9. A Totally New Graphics Engine

2K Games

In her interview with VGC, Yukes' senior vice president and producer Hiromi Furuta admitted frustration that 2K are "still using old assets" for their WWE games. This is an annoyance shared by those who have been there from the very start. They're probably not the same, but those hair mechanics in 2K19 look almost identical to the ones used in the very first SmackDown on PS1.

Something has to change.

It's about time the developers built a new graphics engine from the ground up. The same could be said of the gameplay engine, because a lot of the animations are fundamentally the same as they have been for a generation or more. It's inexcusably lazy to repackage the same thing year on year and expect fans to be happy paying for it.

Yukes have finally grown tired of this repetition, and they're keen to develop a game that does the wrestling audience proud. If they're going to succeed, then we really need to kiss goodbye to Lego hair that passes through shoulders and dead eyes.


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