10 Things We Want To See From Yukes' Alternative WWE 2K Game

8. A Story Mode That Apes Real-Life WWE

2K Games

WWE Universe, MyCareer and the Showcase Modes are all fine additions. No, really, they do have validity in 2K's series, and they are well-liked by some who play the games. There's one glaring omission though: fans don't have a proper story mode that mimics what they watch on WWE programming. It's a baffling oversight.

OK, so it is possible to recreate Kofi Kingston's unforeseen rise to the WWE Title in Universe, and MyCareer does offer interaction with a host of real stars, but, it's a hollow, inauthentic experience. Wouldn't it be better to have the developers put in a shift for you and ensure that stories play out like they did on Raw and SmackDown?

That used to be the way of it. Back in the days of SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth and even the PS1's Know Your Role, real-life feuds and angles that actually happened on TV were replicated in-game. It was a joy to play through these, and it's been bewildering to watch 2K ignore a product that is ripe for plunder.

WWE storylines are perfect for video games. Let's hope Yukes are paying attention.


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