10 Times Developers Abused Players To Make Better Video Games

9. God Of War's Fafnir Battle


What They Did: After a couple of hours of cleaving half the undead Norse populace in three, you just knew at some point God of War's combat was going to kick off in regards to difficulty spikes and enemy placement.

Cut to freeing the dragon Fafnir from his smokey shackles, and things go from 0 to 10,000. What was once an accessible system of dodges, combos and finishers turns into memorising every pattern and attack animation from an annoying-as-sin set of enemies.

With Fafnir himself hanging over the battlefield you'll have to dodge a wall of flame covering the arena, a Revenant witch placing down proximity spells and launching tendrils through the ground, AND two lumbering enemies with wide swing arcs that'll catch you with unblockable attacks.

Why You Had To Endure It: Similar to honing your skills in Bloodborne, because this comes after the opening few sequences, it's your first look into the elaborate "combat chess" approach to God of War's more intense duels.

Optional challenge realms Muspelheim and Niflheim need you to have mastered the art of juggling multiple enemy types and dodging into increasingly tight spaces to create safe zones - all of which you'll only get down, if you can survive freeing Fafnir.

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