10 Times Final Fantasy 7 Remake Made Our Jaw Drop

9. The Shinra Tower

FF7 Remake Vista

If the creators were trying to convey the scale of Midgar, nothing achieves that goal quite like this awe-inspiring recreation of Shinra Tower. We knew it was huge, but the primitive graphics of the '90s meant we were never quite able to appreciate just how huge.

The Shinra Tower in FF7 Remake is enormous, and once again Tetsuya Nomura and his team have done an excellent job in emphasising the size of the place.

Being able to look up at the tower from Cloud’s perspective is pretty incredible, and definitely deserves more than a quick glance - you could spend hours marvelling at such an intimidating structure. But it’s not just the tower itself; the way it’s been integrated into the surrounding area makes this feel like a real place.

A hive of roads and military barracks that surround its foundations pale in comparison, and the fact you get to explore this area of the city helps to nail down the sense of scale. It’s the pinnacle of this metropolis, and it’s suitably jaw-dropping.


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