10 Times Star Trek Appeared In Other Video Games

The Final Frontier has a way of turning up in places you'd least expect, like Digimon!

Star Trek Minecraft
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Star Trek hasn't been confined to one single form of media for almost as long as the show has been airing. From the beginning, Star Trek branched into books, comics and other forms of entertainment so when the computer revolution came along, it made natural sense for it to expand into gaming as well. Before long, there were video games tying into the franchise for users to get even more immersed in the Final Frontier.

However, Star Trek's popurlarity is such that it's not only licensed works that feature nods and references to the Enterprise, her crew, and that world. Other properties have taken the liberty of adding a few subtle, and in some cases not so subtle, nods and tips of the hat to Gene Roddenberry's invention along the way. These are as varied as MMORPG, fighting games, and, in one strange case, a game that sees Hobos beating each other up for no real reason.

This list takes some of the most fun nods and references to Star Trek in video games not overtly connected to the franchise. It's all a bit of fun, even when the game you're playing teaches you to rip off someone's head. Might work against a Borg though!

10. Asura's Wrath

Star Trek Minecraft
"Resistance Is Futile" - Chakravartin

In the video game Asura's Wrath, the God Chakravartin is the main antagonist of the game. There are some similarities to a very famous Star Trek villain, though it only becomes readily apparent in the final confrontation.

Chakravartin was the Golden Spider, the mysterious ruler of Naraka, and the God of Mantra. He accompanied Asura after his fall, later revealed to be part of his plan for choosing a new ruler of Gaia.

He appears in several forms, changing his personality to suit each shape. As the God of Mantra, he is a calm, all-seeing and wise individual, yet as the Golden Spider, he became a trickster, teasing Asura for his motivations for the reasons behind his answer. In the same breath, Chakravartin revealed himself to be ruthless, not hesitating to kill in order to protect those under his wing.

In the final battle of the game, he erupts as the main villain and repeatedly draws on a Trek inspiration to wear Asura down. Every time that Asura attacks or attempts to defend, Chakravartin tells him that 'Resistance is Futile'. Confirmed to be inspired by the Borg, this unstoppable God is every bit as menacing as his cybernetic counterparts.

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