10 Times Video Game Heroes Messed With Time Travel

Changing the future, one game at a time.

Square Enix

Time is a fragile thing. The theory has always been that if something is changed in the past, then it has dramatic and often devastating consequences in the future.

Games explore this phenomenon more often than you might think. Occasionally it's through happenstance rather than purposeful manipulation, but the use of time travel can sometimes make a game that's already quite good, into a game that's great.

We should explain a major caveat, in that the Assassin's Creed series will not appear in this list.

Technically speaking, the series uses the Animus machine to access remnants of memories to simulate the past and take on the role of one of a protagonist's ancestor. This is not the same as having the hero themselves jump through the ages.

We're also not limiting entries to those that jump back and forth through time. If a character can use a device to rapidly age their surroundings, they can appear on this list. Though not all of these entries obey the laws of time travel, these are ten that stand out the most.


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