10 Times Video Games Got Weapons Wrong

9. The (Very Loud) Sound Of Silence - DayZ

Bohemia Interactive

The concept of a suppressor in video games has long been a topic of debate.

Often referred to as 'silencers', this suggests that the effectiveness of this barrel attachment is far greater than it actually is. Truthfully, whilst a shot fired from a weapon with a military-grade suppressor attached will be far quieter, it is still a relatively loud sound in terms of decibels. Makeshift suppressors are even more questionable.

DayZ operates as a first/third person looter-shooter, with a heavier emphasis on the 'looter' aspect. Starting out in the zombie-infested Chernarus, new survivors will have nothing, and be forced to scavenge for food, weapons and other supplies. As the game developed throughout the 2010's more and more content was added.

With suppressors being extremely rare, even in the military bases and barracks, the option of crafting the 'Plastic Bottle Suppressor' using a bottle and a lot of duct tape. With a varied durability depending on which ammunition will be travelling through the makeshift suppressor, you can see anywhere between 2 and 6 shots being successfully suppressed. It will also offer an improvement to accuracy across all weapons.

In actuality, regardless of the calibre of the round travelling through the suppressor, it will only be effective for a single shot, and if anything, the shots will be less accurate as they have to pierce through a separate material immediately after being fired.

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