10 Triple-A Video Games You Just Gave Up On

9. Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope

Red Dead Redemption 2
Square Enix

Now, it’s no surprise to anyone that knows me (or reads any of my articles) that JRPGs are amongst my least-favourite gaming genres, for the sole reason that they often err on the side of “longer, at the expense of better”. Simply put, I don’t enjoy game designers that don’t respect my time - the game is there to serve me, not the other way around.

Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope sticks out to me because, at the time, the Xbox 360 was getting quite a surprising amount of JRPG exclusives, such as Lost Odyssey - a game which changed my mind about JRPGs in general by being heartfelt and gripping. With a refreshed mindset, I bought Star Ocean 4, and soon slapped my optimism back into its cage.

With a screeching, grating infant who will not shut up at your side, you, playing as the edgy Edge Maverick (aye, seriously) must indulge one of the most contrived and bland plots for over fifty hours.

I’m sure if you enjoy your JRPGs to be as predictable and stereotypical as possible, this might work for you. Ironic, for a game featuring “Maverick”.


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