10 Triple-A Video Games You Just Gave Up On

8. DOOM (2016)

Red Dead Redemption 2

Look, I’m not trying to enrage. I’ve not included DOOM here to be inflammatory, or discourteous. I genuinely could not bring myself to finish the game.

The reason? It's actually quite simple: Tone and flow.

The game sets a pace from the very beginning, and it exhaustedly keeps it up for a surprisingly lengthy story. This is in stark contrast to how most media forms are constructed - usually with peaks and troughs, sections which accelerate into blistering action, and then die down for a bit of a somber, calculated breather.

Only, DOOM doesn’t do this - it instead clicks the amp up to eleven and remains there, asking you to run the marathon at the pace of the 100 metre dash.

DOOM is, to me, exhausting to play - it’s just GO GO GO GO, KILL KILL KILL KILL.

Take a breather.


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